Brad Smith Easy SFV Creator

Brad Smith Easy SFV Creator 2.7

Generates, splits and combines SFV files
2.7 (See all)
Brad Smith
Generate customizable SFV files for separate use or incorporation into complex file trees. The utility also features a splitter tool and a combining option with real-time updating and integrity monitoring. Smart file name caching for data management is possible.

Easy SFV Creator is the all-in-one SFV file creation kit. It can create .SFV files for entire trees of files. It can split and combine files and create/check the .SFV files at the same time.
It has optional smart file name caching so that perfect files are only checked once.

It has optional Explorer context menu items. It offers absolutely everything you could want from an SFV creation program.

An .SFV file contains a list of file names and special values called CRC checksums. These checksums can have a value in the range of 0 to around 4 billion (for CRC32 sums). These checksums allow files to be verified. If a file becomes corrupt during transferring, the file's checksum will be different to the checksum contained in the .SFV file. This allows .SFV programs to detect corrupt files.

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